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The following is a selection of datasets that can be used for the study of invasive species in metropolitan areas. Datasets with an asterisk (*) are tabular or cartographic files generated from our research (or derived/modified from their original sources for our research purposes). Datasets without an asterisk (*) are referred to their original source.

Boundary files


Population data


Trade data


Land use-cover

  • 2001 National Land Cover Data for the contiguous United States (NLCD 2001).
    • Original (From U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).
    • * Summarized by county.
    • * Summarized by urban area.
    • * Summarized by urban area and peri-urban fringe of 3 km.
  • Crop Data Layer for the contiguous United States. (From USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service).
  • 2007 Census of Agriculture Data for the United States: downloadable query tool. (From USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service).


U.S. ports


Urban gradient (county based)

  • * In relation to forest ecosystems
  • * In relation to agricultural ecosystems


Ecosystems at risk (county based)

  • * Forest ecosystems
  • * Agricultural ecosystems


Invasive species (county based)

  • * Selected plant pests/diseases per county




[ Last updated: July 21, 2010 ]


vessel unloading cargo

Global trade, Metro areas, and Invasive species



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